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Expat's Voice: Welcome to our world.

A place for expatriates of all countries to come together, socialise and exchange help and advice.

Stuff to do:


Register on how forum here. It gives you full access to our site, meaning you can:

Get help and support:

Ask any questions about emigrating into another country, the immigration rules, and living/working in a country as an expatriate. Also browse our growing encyclopedia of reference articles written by, and for expatriates.


...with other like-minded people. Have fun, make friends, participate in lively discussions, and buy/sell/exchange services.


...with the benefit of your experiences, pass on valuable information onto other would-be expatriates by asking questions on our forum, and are posting encyclopedia-style reference articles on emmigration, immigration or living as an expatriate.

Have fun:

Relax on our site

We have three main aims:

Aim 1: Bring expats together.

Expats can talk about any issues affecting them regarding the country they are in or their homeland country. We also serve as a culturally-diverse lifestyle forum.

Aim 2: Provide immigration support & raise immigration awareness.

Many expats face immigration and visa difficulties, particularly to the USA. We have members with a wealth of experience, including AILA-accredited immigration attorneys. We provide 100% free immigration support with E (entrepreneur), L (intra-company transfer), H1B (US employment), K (fiance/fiancee), B (buiness/pleasure visitor), J (student) or any other type of visa.

We aim to form an immigration awareness group who will redress the inadequacies with current immigration laws, practices and intrepretations by petitioning the US House Of Representatives for immigration reforms, such as, but not limited to: Allow holders of E visa to be able to adjust status to Legal Permanant Resident, allow renewal of all visas to be completed in the USA, protect any child from aging out (The CSPA does not protect all children), Retrogression, the Dream Act, backlogs; driver's licensing; advanced parole and work authorization issues.

Aim 3: Help people become expats.

With our members' combined wealth of experience and knowledge, we can help people considering moving to another country..

Visit the forum. http://www.expatsvoice.org/forum

Legal disclaimer: No liability can be accepted for the contents of the forum. Always use an immigration attorney who is a member of trade association such as AILA (American Immigration lawyers Association). Please note whilst some members are attorneys the majority of us are just ordinary, honest, hard working immigrants wishing to form a large group, become a voice that will be heard, listened to and acted upon. Let's do it together!