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Our petition:

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Comprehensive immigration reforms are urgently needed that are fair, balanced, protect the borders, and redress the illegal immigrant situation. These reforms must include compassion and common sense to include legislative fixes for legal immigrants separated by bureaucracy or when a USC/LPR or other petitioner passes away whilst their spouses immigration case is pending.

The CSPA is badly written and needs a legislative fix. Sadly many children still age out despite the intention of the act. These include stepchildren of a USC, Visa numbers not concurrent, errors and wrongful interpretation of the act and retention of priority dates issues

We urge your assistance and ask you to review our petitions, sign and support our efforts for the following bills/amendments. Why does bureaucracy have to interfere with the true spirit of the law?


We urge a compassionate visa on a case by case basis subject to documentary evidence.

Example 1.

E 2 visa holder passes away, dependant spouse and children are immediately out of status. The spouse can inherit the business yet illegal to run the business. Subject to documentary evidence the spouse should be able to apply for a compassionate visa to allow the spouse to either remain and run the business or at least remain in the USA until the business can be sold.

Example 2.

LPR is applying for a green card yet passes away before the application has been processed, again the spouse and dependent children have no status. A compassionate visa would allow the spouse to remain in the USA to sort affairs or be able to continue the green card process by assuming the spouses application.


To view Click here.

We urge an amendment to the CSPA as this act is badly written and needs a legislative fix to benefit more children. The intention of the act was to protect children and sadly many are still aging out despite the fact this act was to be used expansively. The forgotten E 2 children have no status upon reaching 21years of age even though they entered the USA as legal children and in many cases been living in the USA from a very young age. The dream act (if passed) will allow illegal children a pathway to a green card so E2 children should be treated equally and have the same benefit and be included in an amendment to the CSPA


Stepchildren of a USC still age out even though they are under 21years of age at the date of their parents marriage. Many children are being denied the benefit of the CSPA due to lack of visa numbers and others are wrongly denied to misinterpretation of the act.

3. RE-INTRODUCE THE RETIREMENT BILL OF 1999 ``Retiree Visa Act of 1999''. 106th CONGRESS 1st Session H R. 184

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We believe the USA could only benefit of the introduction of a retirement visa. Many foreign investors own second homes in the USA and rent them out on a short term basis. This generates millions of dollars in sales and tourist taxes. We feel that these owners and other people should be allowed a retirement visa subject to being able to support themselves whilst living in the USA and have adequate health insurance.

The vacation industry is over subscribed and it would be more economical to have these home occupied by retirees spending money in the US rather than have these homes vacant and inviting burglars

4. SUPPORT THE HEATHER WILSON E2 BILL Heather Wilson ( R-NM ) introduced the E2 Nonimmigrant Investor Status Adjustment Act of 2007

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Many investors apply for an E2 visa, this is a non immigrant visa which does not lead to a green card. Heather Wilson's bill hopes to reward E 2 visa holders subject to certain conditions. If passed would reward legal immigrants with a path way to a green card.

Our petition
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