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Default Re: help my family return to america

as it happens we did go and see senator bill nelsons people, about 10 days before they had to leave, a mr lopez, there immigration person, took down the details, and had washington look at the case, they then has a special session on a satuday in washington about it ( which i am told is very rare for a civilian), and as a result it has now gone to a special appeals board,??that is the latest, having talked to mr lopez on friday, he said that he to had now read up on the case, and he said there has been obviouse mistakes made by immigration and that if the appeals board do not put it right, he is going to go over there heads, he was very open and honest with me, as in the past he has been very reserved, but i got the feeling he now knows joanne and family have been wronged, and it should be put right.
as a caution he did say government departments do not like admitting they made a mistake???.
so a bit bitter sweet news.
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