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Default Re: help my family return to america

Originally Posted by Bayfield View Post
What does their Lawyer say?

(PS What 3 year old knows about or has any say in their location?)
Have to agree. A three year old will be happy wherever she is and has no concept of country at her age. I suspect it is her parents who do not want to live in the UK and that is rubbing off on the child. She will always be American and can go back if she wants, even sponsor her parents when she is 21 but I dont believe it is furthering your case any by saying that living in the UK is having a bad effect on the child.

I dont mean to sound harsh and have every sympathy as reading around this, I believe they used the same immigration attorney who messed up my own green card application and now I am back in the UK and my son who was in the US for eight years is in Korea as he had to leave. But you have to structure this properly, get rid of the emotive stuff and concentrate on immigration basics, as the emotive stuff doesnt wash with them.

For starters if they have now decided she has the education, surely there are other jobs she can apply for?? If she changed status to something else while the appeal was going through, why did she abandon that status??
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